The Real Dad Rules by Dan Pearce

Dan & Noah PearceDan Pearce's long-awaited book is finally here! Join Pearce as he lays out a simple and powerful look at fatherhood, written to everyday dads from an everyday dad.


Over 29 thought-provoking chapters, Pearce poignantly brings his readers to recall those moments leading up to fatherhood, their first days as dads, and the many beautiful promises that new fathers make to their children. He then delves into The Real Dad Rules, a list of rules he wrote for himself when life as a parent seemed close to impossible. The book ends with beautiful and encouraging chapters, sure to give any dad the motivation and reflection to take their parenting game to the next level.


Pearce doesn't pull any punches in The Real Dad Rules. He discusses the always-growing need for dads everywhere to increase their efforts and to have fun while they do it. Rather than discuss the hows of fatherhood, he discusses the whys of fatherhood. He brings the past, present, and future together to help dads everywhere see the bigger picture.


And while this book was written to dads, there is no doubt that moms will enjoy and find just as much benefit from reading The Real Dad Rules. So, to all parents... enjoy, and thank you for being a real dad and a real mom to your child. They're worth it. You're worth it. Let's all get in on the Real Parent conversation!

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